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SRM Central contracts item tolerance value not getting saved to Database

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Hi SRM Gurus,

we have the requirement to copy Header tolerance value to Item tolerance (both Under delivery/Over delivery tolerance) in SRM Central contracts.

Here we are having some challenges.

When copied from the existing contract which is having tolerance values, it is getting the data to item level tolerance fields which i can see on the screen and on click on save it is getting saved to database, However

When created new contract with the same data, it is throwing an exception message (no tolerance )and not getting tolerance details and values of tolerance under item level showing as zero and not saving to database.

Here it is still trying to find org data, where we don't have any issue related to org for the userid being used to test the changes. Request your inputs what is going wrong here, please advice me, Thanks in advance. Attached the debug screen shots. tolerance1.pngtolerance2.pngtolerance3.png

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