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SRM approve by reply Email

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We use SRM 4.00. We use Email approval function, user can reply approval Email received to approve PO.

But sometimes, user say they reply Email but actually the PO is not approved.

How can I check in SRM system, SRM receive the user replied Email and how check SRM process the Email correctly?


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Hello David,

The following applies to SRM 5.00. Unfortunately I don't have access to SRM 4.00.

The offline approval works as follows:

- Reports RBBP_NOTIFICATION_OFFAPP or RSWUWFMLEC generate the email to the approver

- When the user clicks on the approve/reject button an automatic email to SRM is generated

- Using report RSWUWFIN you can check, which entries are in the SRM inbox (of WF-BATCH user). Here you should have (temporarily) an entry for the incoming mail from the approval/rejection.

- Report RBBP_OFFLINE_EVAL should be scheduled periodically. This report is processing the items of the SRM inbox. If the processing is successful (approval/rejection) the entry will be deleted out of the inbox. There you can see, why an entry in the inbox isn't processed (e.g. required delivery date in the past, ...). You should have a log entry for this report.

As I said: That's how it workds for SRM 5.00. SRM 4.00 might be slightly different.

Good luck,


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Thanks Franz,

For the detailed reply,Its really helpful to the SRM Forum.