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SRM 7 PPS Classic Scenario with Plan Driven Procurement?

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Hello experts, I want to know if the combination of SRM 7 PPS Classic Scenario with Plan Driven Procurement is possible? or if there any limitation to consider? Our client needs to create purchase requisition in ERP -> send this purchase requisitions to SRM (as shopping carts) create bids - > quotations - > create contract from accepted quotations and then from the contract we need to create purchase order but this one must be created in ERP (classic scenario) Someone has experimented the same situation? Best regards and thanks for your Help.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It is documented in the following link that classic scenario is not supported in SRM PPS. You must use extended classic scenario:

I hope it clarifies.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Lima ,

Classic scenario wont support PPS .

- Stand alone and classic scenario not supported

- Shopping cart renamed to Purchase Requisition

- Shopping cart generate (pre)commitment in funds management

- Contract can create Funds Reservation (Earmarked Funds) in Funds Management as a Guarantee

- Goods Receipt and Invoice created in ERP

- Mixed PO: PO with lines that works like contract lines, a PO can be created from these lines

- PO created from contracts or mixed-PO is named call-off PO. Only is a new name, is a "normal" SRM PO

- Goods receipt possible in SRM only in "easy" cases

Thanks & Regards

Pradeep Kumar Dondeti