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SRM 7.2 -Process control workflow : Parallel approval for BUS2202 - Rfx award approval

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We have a scenario:

For Rfx award approval process we need to trigger the workflow for multilevel.

For first few levels we need sequential approval. In the middle we need parallel approval with a scenario like any 2 out of 5 approvers must approve the work item to proceed for next few level of sequential approval.

Right now we stuck in the parallel approval case when 2 out of 5 approvers must approve the workitem.

When I am setting one level with decision type 3 in the process schema definition, i am getting below warning message as well.

Decision type 3 cannot be used for document type BUS2202

Please help and guide.

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This is actually, true, decision type 3 is only available for SHPs. Please see the KBA:

About how to create the decision sets, the following Wikipage should provide some information:

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