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SLC Delta changes table on Sell side & Buy side

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Hi Experts,

We are in SRM 7.03 and SLC 1.08. Can any one advise me where the delta changes for supplier data maintenance get stored before it gets approved / Rejected by the Administrator.

Reason for this question is I have a situation where few suppliers changed their master data on Sell side system and the supplier master gets locked stating changes are in approval, but unfortunately the work item event was not active for some reason due to which the changes doesn't come through for the approval. We fixed the work item event now and still the master record is in locked status, up to my knowledge we need to delete the entries in the delta table so that the supplier record gets unlocked and the supplier can edit the record.

Can anyone assist me to fix this issue.



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Please apply the following notes to solve the locked supplier data:

2317095 - Sellside Supplier Self-Service Maintenance: Lock handling, and Dispay / Edit Mode

2358718 - Failed calls due to locked objects -> Adding Retry in RFC