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Shopping carts and Purchase group relation in SOCO

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Hi Experts,

Is there a way to find out all the shopping cart's which has been assigned to a particular purchasing group in sourcing cockpit.

Please suggest if we have any table or reports available to fetch the information.

Thank You.



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Answers (3)

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Hi Abhishek

I can suggest a couple of options not sure if something from standard also helps

1. You can make changes in workload redistribution option and it will show you approved SC lying in SOCO which are automatically grouped by Pur group

2. You can add a column in the SOCO by modifying the webdynpro component and show the value of pur group and also add a field in SOCO as pur group which can be used to filter those carts when the user clicks on search

Let me know if that helps .



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Hi Abhishek,

If you are trying to get list of carts as part of reporting, Daniel's solution will work.

If you want the buyers to get list of their carts to make sourcing decisions:

You can activate business function SRM_701_MULTI_VALUE_SEARCH and activate function SRM_701_MULTI_VALUE_SEARCH in SRM Server --> Sourcing --> Activate/Deactivate Search by Range in Sourcing.

This will give you search range and other fields in sourcing for search.



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Hi Abhishek,

In table BBP_PDVIEW_INDEX you can search for Shopping Carts (OBJECT_TYPE=BUS2121), Purchasing Group (PROC_GROUP) and Sourcing relevancy (ISOURCE_REL_IND=X). With this table you can gather the desirable information.

Best Regards,