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SC forwarding issue

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We are using old version of SRM.

When SC is forwarded to another user for approval. SWIA does reflect forwarding user, but the same is not reflected in ITS.

The forwarded user gets a short dump (BBPSC07) and SC gets stuck. Could not figure out the reals reason even when using ITS debugger.

Any suggestion / help is appreciated.

Thanks / Bhavesh

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Hi Bhavesh,

Check the dump details in ST22 with the forwarded user name to get the details of the dump.

Also, check the BBP_PD for the SC/PO in question and cross check if the workflow log is showing the new agent.

If the workflow log is showing the correct agent (approver), I believe it should be some auth issue with the user.

Please let me know the analysis results.



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Hi Ravi,

There is no dump from the user in GUI. The issue is from ITS

After further analysis,

1, SC is forwarded to another user for approval

2. SWIA reflects the forward user details for the relevant workitem

3. SOST message is also triggered for the forwarding apporver

4. Forwarded user log in to ITS, checks the details and approves the SC (Header level as per process)

5. Here comes the issue, next apporver gets a dump in ITS since he can not verify the details and appropve, the abnormality observed was status of the SC was still in "To be Approved by" for the forwarded user.

How do I change the status as approved at user level and I think issue will get fixed.

I hope I was clear in forwarding the analysis.



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Can you please also provide the SRM version you guys are using ?

This is application controlled workflow isnt it ?

Also better is if you could paste some screenshots of the kind of Dump it is throwing for the final approver