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SAP SRM 7 ... hyper link to a PO

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We have an external facing Supplier Portal which synchronizes data from a backend SRM system. We get the PO number and GUID etc and the needed data. Is there a way we put a link to a specific PO based on the PO number and GUID? What we are looking for is a way to put a deep link into a specific PO - how do we construct that URL.



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Dear Ravi,

SRM can be integrated with Supplier Self-Service (SRM SUS scenario). Such Portal supports sending Purchase Orders and receive Supplier response on those PO's. In such scenario, the Supplier has direct link to a PO (specific information of a given PO).

See our Wikipage:

I am not aware of creating external "view" for SRM Purchase Orders or links to them, as - from Buyer's perspective - it makes no sense to give access to the Supplier to all the PO-details .

In SRM, there is a way to create a link to the back-end ECC PO, but that is another way (from SRM => link to ECC). For this, see video

Hope my answer helps you anyway..!