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SAP CLM to Ariba Contracts or S/4HANA E-CM?

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Hi SAP Gurus,

Wanted to understand if SAP Ariba Contracts is a direct replacement for SAP CLM? I understand that CLM is retired and on sourcing product page in SAP, only Ariba Contracts is pitched as a upgraded CLM solution from SAP, however, is the embedded SAP S/4HANA E-CM/E-CA offer more? I read a blog here that states that E-CM is not yet ready for external collaboration and the use case is more of legal document management that simple Procurement Contract Management.

Summary: If SAP CLM is retired, what to pitch? Ariba Contracts or S/4HANA E-CM/E-CA ?

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Hi Purnaneel,

SAP CLM has been retired and replaced with SAP Ariba Contracts for the management of procurement contracts. We offer an integration between SAP Ariba and Icertis for contract authoring.

For the lifecycle management of contract documents we offer the solution in S/4HANA for enterprise contract management (cloud, private cloud or on premise) or recommend the partner product Icertis (depending on the customer's needs).

As you can see in this blog for collaboration on legal documents we now also offer Out-of-the-box integration between E-CM and MSTeams:

  • Enterprise contract management (E-CM) provides a suite of applications (either Cloud or OnP) designed for the creation and management of legal contracts in enterprises that can be integrated into all core business processes and stores all types of documents in a single repository.Source: SAP Help Portal Cloud version / SAP Help Portal OnP version
  • SAP Enterprise Contract Assembly (E-CA) is a cloud solution that enables you to create and manage templates and text blocks that can be used for producing virtual documents used in various transactions. You can also edit specific fields in the virtual documents.
  • Please note: E-CA can no longer be sold due to the new CLM strategy for contract authoring, for which we plan an integration between E-CM and Icertis.
  • Source: SAP Help Portal

Best regards,