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Runtime error during repo job scheduling in SAP IAG

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We are trying to check a use case of submitting an access request in SAP IAG in order to provision ARIBA users with the required access. For this scenario, we have tried to integrate IAG, ARIBA and IAS where:

IAG - is utilized for user provisioning

ARIBA - cloud app where the actual user data exist and can be synced up to IAG & IAS

IAS - Authentication service which is enabled to check the user authenticity/validity

After performing the required configurations in all the three platforms, we have the below tasks done to check the data sync-up status.

1. User details synced from ARIBA to IAG using job scheduler in IAG

2. ARIBA user information is uploaded to IAS

3. Repository sync job ran via job scheduler in IAG so as to further submit an access request for a specific user

When the highlighted repo job is checked for the logs, we found the below error. Can someone throw some light on the same and share the insights on how this issue can be taken off?

Error - Runtime error occurred: while trying to invoke the method java.lang.String.length() of a null object loaded from local variable 'str'


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Hi Pavani

For which system are you getting this error while running repository sync? This is happening because of incorrect/incomplete configuration between IAG and cloud connector.
For IAS and Ariba, I would strongly suggest to use V2 version mentioned in SAP help guide and setup your IPS accordingly for smooth sync between systems.



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This error could be happening because the variable name is already used by the integration tool. If you can locate and rename the variable to a something unique it may resolve the problem. Check the SAP Cloud Platform Connector Function Name and the Naming Policy for the integrated system added to the cloud connector.

Here is a more detailed note regarding a similar issue which may be helpful. IAG - Repository Object Sync job does not bring the cloud roles and users from IAG to GRC: