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Report use transactions by module

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Good afternoon community:

I have some questions, maybe you can help me. I need to know if there is any report that is extracted from SAP S/4HANA which tells me, for example, the usability or Transactions used over time by module? This will help us to have usage statistics from the live output.



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Answers (3)

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Have you tried transaction ST03N?

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Yes but it does not bring the information I expect.

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You could

  • Analyze some statistics or audit transaction such as STAD, SM20 or ST03N, identify some tables or FM behind and build your own report.
  • Look at other tools such as SAP Usage & Procedure Logging (UPL/SCMON) or other Solution Manager tools.
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Hello ines.tang,

If ST03N not meet your requirements then it suggested that please customize the report as per your requirement or you can make query by joining related tables in SQVI.


Neeraj Jain