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Released Contracts workflow

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Hi team,

I have a requirement in SRM 7.02.  We are creating contracts and replicating to ECC system via idocs only.

In SRM we are using only Strategic sourcing and contracts only.

I just wanted to know , suppose  contract is created in SRM system  and for triggering Aprroval WF what are the conditions I can consider?

( customer interested on n level approval. )

Generally for SC, we will check value of SH and account assignement like that for Contracts what would be the conditions for triggering WF??

and one more question is  when contract will come into "Released status" means Released contract will trigger approval WF  in SRM or approved contract will come into "Released" status and replicate to MM system - Please confirm me.


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You can trigger contract workflow based on value and in a lot of cases its based on the document type. For example:

Start conditions:

&Purchase Contract.Transaction Type&            ZSCH and

&Purchase Contract.Transaction Type&            CCTR    

While in the SRM application if you go to transaction SWB_COND, you then search for Business Object (in your case contract) and here you can see/maintain the start conditions for each workflow.

In relation to the released status, if the contract goes for approval only after it is completely approved then it will go into Released status.

I hope this helps,