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read only fields in Goods Receipt for account assignment

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I am trying to change some of the fields attributes to READ-ONLY under the 'account assignment' tab/category when user try to create Goods Receipt and go in detail to see the account assignment. currently user has an option to change it. is it possible to change the attribute through config(SPRO)?

I have created a screen variant using(TA SHD0) but not sure what to do next. Can anyone point me in the right direction regarding this issue.



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Answers (2)

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You cannot use the Variants for all the screens in the EBP.

The only screens where it is available are:

Screen Variants:

Item data overview in an invoice without purchase order reference: BBP_IV_NON_PO

Item data overview in the invoice with purchase order reference: BBP_IV

Item data overview in the confirmation: BBP_CF

Item data overview in the confirmation for time recording: BBP_CF_TIMEREC

Item data overview in the purchase order: BBP_PO;

Item data overview for contracts: BBP_CTR_ITEMLIST

Item data overview for selection of contracts: BBP_CTR_ITEM_SELLIST

Search results for entering an invoice and/or confirmation: BBP_SEARCH_PO

Search results for entering a purchase order: BBP_SEARCH_SC

Search results for displaying/processing an invoice: BBP_CHANGE_IV

Search results for displaying/processing a confirmation: BBP_CHANGE_CF

Search results for entering/displaying/processing/status of a shopping cart: BBP_SC;

Worklist for Sourcing: BBP_SOCO_WL

Work area in Sourcing: BBP_SOCO_GA

For changes on the Acc.Assignement screens, you'll have to either change the templates (be carful, templates related to acct. assgnt. are duplicated for each transaction) or the ABAP screens.



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Hi Waqar,

Have you got the solution for this?

Please let me know if you found the solution.

Thanks & Regards,