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PS, FM and SRM - Purchasing Purchase Issues created by SRM

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Friends Experts;

>> We have the following senary with PS, SRM and FM;

We create a Purchase Requisition in the PS that goes up to the SRM to create the cart and then a Purchase Order in the SRM which in turn must be returned to the PS.

>> Additional / relevant information for understanding;

We have in PS the control of availability and because we are in a company of the Public Sector, we are using FM. The purchase order's account assignment will always be N-Network Diagram and Purchase Requisitions are generated by the PS in placing a Service Item in the Network Diagram Task, which are subsequently uploaded to the SRM to create the strokes and Purchase order.

>> Our Problem;

When the order is created in the SRM and then sent to the PS, the system is not deducting the Purchase Requisition. We also note that the field in PS (CJ20N) AFVGD-FLG_PURS - There is no Order is marked, as it should be with each Order creation with reference to a Purchase Requisition. We note that when creating a Purchase Order in SRM, the FM Budget Program is not derived, considering that the Budget Program information is contained in the Purchase Requisition generated by the PS.

We would greatly appreciate the help of the Experts;

Dirlei Andrade

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Would you please clarify the scenario you are using in SRM system? Extended Classic scenario or Classic scenario?

For extended classic scenario, PO is transferred using RFC, and test data for BAPI could be catched in order to identify if the information sent from SRM is wrong.

For classic scenario, usually XML is used for PO transfer, and you may directly check the data sent from SRM side in XML content to verify if SRM sent relevant information.

But as I know, we would not send any indicator regarding to FLG_PURS, and it is probable that PS or ECC side take the responsibility to set this indicator if PO is transferred from external system.