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POWL configuration not getting displayed

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Hello experts,

I have the following problem:

In SRM in the "Shopping Area" there is a POWL where the users can see their shopping carts.

Here we want to disable the button "Print Version" and the user should be able to resize the width of the columns (see note 1895959).

I tried it in the following way:

- Change the WD-configuration /SAPSRM/WDA_SRM_E_STATUS

- Demark the "confDATA" checkboxes "enablePDFprinting" and "enableExcelExport" to disable the "Print Version"-button

- Mark the checkbox "fixedTableLayout" to resize the width of the columns

- Run report POWL_D01 and delete query for POWL type ID "SAPSRM_FEEDER_SC"

-> No effect

Does anybody know what can be the reason?

Is it maybe the wrong WD-configuration?

Where on SRM 7 EHP 3.

Thanks in advance.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Mathias,

In case you would like to change the POWL configuration in Shopping Area, it should be performed a little bit differently than for other POWLs. Please follow these steps:

1. Execute transaction SE80.


3. Under Web Dynpro Applications right click /sapsrm/wda_wscp

4. Choose Create / Change Configuration

5. Name your configuration and click button Create

6. Then assign the changed component configuration /SAPSRM/WDA_SRM_E_STATUS for Component POWL_UI_COMP:

I assume you use NWBC. If this is the case, after performing the previously mentioned steps continue with these:

1. Execute transaction PFCG and display the relevant employee role

2. Choose tab Menu

3. Under Home and Shopping Area double click on Shopping Area node

4. Go into Edit mode

5. Click Details button

6. Assign the created Configuration and Save the role:

Afterwards test if it is working now or not.

Best Regards,

Daniel Marlen

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Hi Daniel,

thank you very much.

With your description it is working fine.

Best Regards,

Mathias Graf

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