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Order Confirmation Failing on Managed Gateway For Spend & Network (Ariba CIG)

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We are currently performing integration of SAP Business Network and SAP S/4HANA (RISE with SAP). Product is 'SAP Business Network Commerce Automation, Foundation Option(Ariba DSN)'.


The issue is that the order confirmation gets failed on CIG with the following error:


Upon referring to the support link (Error: "Fault response received from ANXXXXXXXXXXX with ErrorCode: CIG-PLT-00676" ( ), we checked the ERP transactions, and found the following message in t-code 'SRT_LOG':


All of the configuration have been performed in the S/4HANA system as well as Cloud Connector and the CIG as per the following guides:

Moreover, in CIG document validator, upon pasting the cXML received from SAP Business Network, following errors are observed:

  1. Source Content Schema Validation:

Step Summary:

Source Content Schema not available for Document : cXML - ConfirmationRequest - 1.2.061

2. Target Schema Validation:

Error Text
cvc-complex- Invalid content was found starting with element 'IDOCTYP'. One of '{TABNAM}' is expected., Line : 4, Column : 16


Please guide what could be the route cause and resolution for this.



RISE with SAP #SAP Business Network SAP digital supplier network membership SAP Business Network for Procurement and SAP Business Network for Supply Chain SAP S/4HANA  SAP Integration Suite, managed gateway for spend management and SAP Business Network 


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