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No item transferred from MDM catalog to SRM SC

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Hi experts,

I have a issue where items are not transferred from the MDM catalog to SRM cart once I click check out, I just get taken back from the catalog to the first step of the SC creation wizard with no error message dispalyed. I have checked SLG1 and have no logs here and checked my OCI mappings look okay.

Please find details of my call structure:

                     http://<J2EEServer:port/SRM-MDM/SRM_MDM               URL

Username      srmmdmcat                                Fixed Value

Password       password                                   Fxed Value

Catalog           SRMMDM_CATALOG_A          Fixed Value

Server             MDM Server                             Fixed Value

namedsearch   Stock                                   Fixed Value

unilanguage       SY-LANGU                           SAP Field

datalanguage      EN                                     Fixed Value

HOOK URL          blank                                Return URL

retunrtarget         _parent                              Fixed Value

I am missing some extra entries in my call structure which is causing no catalog items to be transferred back to SRM cart?

Many thanks for any advice given,

Best regards,


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Answers (2)

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Hi Andrew,

it can be caused by a navigation error, or by some inconsistent catalog data.

For the later, please check the data as per SAP note 395312 Catalog data is not copied to

If the first case is relevant, please check, if MDM and portal has been installed on the same Web Application Server. If so, you will have to use 3 further parameters in the call structure to enable absolut navigation. Following parameters have to stay BEFORE the HOOK_URL:

BYPASS_INB_HANDLER        X    Fixed Value


UsePortalNavigation                 X    Fixed Value

I hope I could help you to resolve the issue.



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Hi Timea,

Many thanks for your response. I have made the call structure change as suggested and I now get this internal 500 server error once I click the check out button:

500 Internal Server Error

The Web Dynpro Application 'ProcurementCatalog7' has expired. Restart the application using the refresh Button or via the following link ProcurementCatalog7     no details available

If I click on the ProcurementCatalog7 link it takes me to UI logon page

Many thanks,


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