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Need maximum permissible limit to configure number of amendment phases in contract template

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Hi Team,

We have already configured Contract workspace template.

This contains 10 amendment phases, Amendment phases were added by referring support document 'How do I set up amendment tasks' (method3). All steps were followed as given in the document.

In many contracts, these 10 amendment phases are already used or exhausted. We want to add maximum amendment phases to avoid this situation in near future.


1 'How many maximum amendment phases?' we can configure. What is the maximum permissible limit to configure amendment phases? This limit is not mentioned in the support document. 

2. If we can not configure the amendment phases beyond certain limit, can we configure Approval task with 'Repeat for each draft' for some volatile nature of commodities? This Approval task will be parallel/additional to earlier arrangement  for certain commodities.

Please provide your valuable response.

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