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N level workflow. item level approval

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How does item level approval work in N level workflow ?

1) Suppose the shopping cart has 3 items then does the workflow proceed only after all the three approvers approve their items ?

2) Does the approval workitem stay in the approvers inbox will the time all are approved ? and if yes does the approved workitem appears differently ?

3) Does the approver see only his item or all other items too? if he does then are the other items greyed out?

4) What happens if or more of the approvers changes the contents of the item or rejects the item? Does the entire shopping cart again goes to the requestor and what happens to the other approver workitems ?

5) Is it possible to have shopping cart level approval workflows as well for N level workflow ?

Where can I find this information in sap help?

Kindly help its urgent !! thanks !!

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Nishant, thank you very much for the information. its really very useful to me,



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