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Message bbp_pd 047 Item 001 WBS element budget exceeded is shown during SC creation but not during PO change

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Hello experts,

Message bbp_pd 047 Item 001 WBS element budget exceeded is shown during SC creation, but during PO change in SRM portal this error is not shown. As a result the PO is saved in SRM but cannot be transferred to ECC because of the budget exceeded error. Why could this be happening?

Thanks in advanced,


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Answers (2)

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Hello Jack,

one of the message call is done in include LBBP_PDF39 (Budget PO check).

Put a break-point to debug the include.

Other message calls can be found using a where-used list for message BBP_PD 047 (SE91 transaction).

You can also check if BBP_MESSAGES_BADI BAdI is implemented.



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Hey Jack

Can you please check the below steps and see if it helps?

1. Can you check if you are able to create a new PO with the same data in ECC if not then there could be some issues with account assignment ..

2. Can you try to check if this is a manual code to check budget  in DOC_CHECK Badi in SRM side?

3. Can you try to debug the entire PO process and see where the system is picking the error message from ..Refer links :

Debugging Guide for SRM PO transfer (Extended Classic Scenario) - Supplier Relationship Management -...

4. Lastly try to block this message by entering it into SRM config so it gets suppressed and see if that helps ..