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Maximo and Ariba (cXML) integration via SFTP

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Hi Experts,

Need your insight on this urgently !

I have a requirement to integrate IBM Maximo with Ariba (on demand) through PI. However, they don’t want direct (real time) integration between the two systems. Upstream transaction Data (RFQ, PO, Goods Receipt etc.) from Maximo (XML format) will be dropped at SFTP server. PI should pull the data from SFTP, do necessary field mapping, convert to cXML and deliver to Ariba. Similarly for downstream flow, cXML transaction data (RFQ Response, PO confirmation etc.) from Ariba should be pulled by PI, converted to XML, necessary field mapping should be done and XML files should be dropped at SFTP server.
Client’s PI instance contains Ariba Network Adapter. But I am not sure if the network adapter allows these kind of interfacing (cXML to SFTP or vice versa), because there is no standard mapping available in the pre-delivered package for these kind of integration.
Again I can’t use ITK approach as it allows data exchange in csv format only.

How should I approach this ?

Thanks in advance,


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Hello Shegufta,

As you already know that we are not supporting the integration between non-SAP ERP and Ariba cloud out of the box. However, you can try to perform the below steps:

Ariba Network outbound transaction:

Step 1: IBM Maximo extract the transacting documents in XML format in SFTP file server.

Step 2: SAP PI reads the XML file from SFTP server through sender SFTP adapter (perform content conversion)

Step 3: Perform the required mapping in PI (Transform IBM Maximo to cXML format). For mapping rules, you can refer the Ariba delivered mappings or cXML solution guide found in

Step 4: Post to Ariba Network through cXML adapter delivered by Ariba.

In the same fashion, you can try for inbound transaction. Please let us know if you still face any problems. For prerequisites like certificate installation etc, you can refer the CI installation and configuration guide in Ariba connect.