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Material interface from SAP ECC to SAP Sourcing

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Dear SAP,

We have configured Material interface  from SAP ECC to SAP Sourcing via SAP PI. We have created a shared directory on the SAP PI server for the transfer of these materials.

We created schedule task in SAP Sourcing to import the XML files that are generated by SAP PI. However,  when the schedule task runs it fails to import the XML messages into SAP Sourcing and the XML messages are in the shared directory created in the SAP PI server.

Could kindly assist with the solution to the above mentioned issue.


Thembi Sihlongonyane

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Thembi,

    Did you check the status of the Scheduled Jobs this is in the Setup - system administration , area

You can also look in the Log Files to see if there are any errors.. This will be the first steps to do.. if it still does not answer/resolve then its best to create an OSS message so that Support can help you out..



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As per the description provided this looks like a simple 'permission' issue. Most likely you have directory permissions OK but because the files are created by SAP PI, CLM might not see them.

If the CLM OS user does not have Read/Write access to those files it will not do anything (basically leaving the shared folder intact and not showing any error messages).

You can try to make sure the files are accessible by the CLM OS user, or chmod them to 666 (check with your PI/BASIS teams)



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