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Local contracts SRM

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Hi experts,

is there someone of us who knows if the Local Contracts in SRM 5.0 go also into back end system?




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Andrea,

in SRM there are the options to create GOAs and distribute them to the Backend

System as well create contracts used in SRM. These are usually called local

contracts and are not copied to the Backend System. This is the use case, when

SRM is the central sourcing system and the ECS is in place.

In case the classic scenario is in place, the system offers the option to initialize

contracts in SRM and get them created in the Backend directly from Sourcing

Cockpit or the Bid / Auction. This can be enabled via BADI.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Few BADIs to refer using SE18 Transaction (Please read standard documentation provided by SAP on them )

BBP_IMS_CONTACT                Changes the Contract for the E-Mail 
BBP_CTR_INIT_UP                Contracts and GOAs to SRM 


BBP_CHANGE_SF_CTR    Change Smart Form for Contract Output               
BBP_CND_UI_CTRL      BBP Conditions: UI Control                          
BBP_CTR_BE_CREATE    Exit when Creating a Contract in the Backend System 
BBP_CTR_INIT_UP      BAdI to upload Contracts and GOAs to SRM            
BBP_CTR_MAIL_BADI    BAdI for Changes Regarding Sending Mails            
BBP_CTR_MASS_BADI    Implementation of Mass Change Parameters            
BBP_CTR_STAT         BAdI to enable changes in the contract status       
BBP_PROCESS_CTR      Process Smart Form with Changed Interface           
BBP_QA_REDETERM_CTR  Redefine the Contract to be Used (Quota Arrangement)

<b>Please go through these links -></b>


- Atul