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Lead time Decoupling

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We have a requirement at our project to decouple the planned delivery time. I have explained the requirement & the proposed solution in detail below.

Just wanted to check if any of you have come across similar requirement in any other projects? If so what was your solution and do you see any impacts in implementing this solution.

Let me know if you need more details


Requirement is to decouple (un-alignment) of the Material Master Planned Delivery Time (PDT) and the Outline Agreement PDT Where source if fixed and relevant for MRP.

The rationale behind the proposed change is to provide a more realistic expectation in relation to actual lead time (from the Material Master) when users are planning and ordering parts. The Outline Agreement PDT is still to be used in generation of the Purchase Order (delivery date).

Vendor will get more time to deliver the goods on time. this help early release of PO.

Cannot update the OA swiftly as there are thousands of vendor with thousands of contracts and line items if we start this process it will take 2 to 3 years to complete and by that time a big amount of money already spend in
meeting the requirements.

Based on the historical data (actual material delivery) and the Inventory optimization data planned delivery time in material master will be updated.

By updating the planned delivery time in material master we want system to pick this time to set the Release date in Purchase requisition (FRGDT). Later this date will be used to convert the Purchase requisition into Purchase

Proposed solution

Decoupling MM and OA PDT.

Enhancement will be activated in following business scenarios to overwrite the PR release date with material master lead time days.

Purchase Requisition Source Transactions (manual and automated)
MD01(MRP run online)
MD03(single item MRP Run)
IW31 (Create work Order)
IW32 (Change Work order)
CJ20N (Create Change Project)
ME51N (Create Purchase request including OCI catalogue items)
ME52N (Change Purchase request)

Enhancement will only be activated for selected material types and MRP controller for less regression impact. A custom table will be created to allow the solution to be used as deployment approach and also used to restricted the enhancement Plant


Purchase requisition Release date (FRGDT) will be set based on the Lead time set in Material Master, If the lead time in material master is blank or Zero enhancement will consider it as Zero.

Overwrite the PR release/Planned order start date with the Material Master lead time where Material is assigned to fixed source and relevant for MRP.

For Work Order and Project enhancement will be restricted to Purchase requisition with addition to the rule id table.

Enhancement will be activated at the step where MRP is populating the PR release date.

If the Material is not relevant to MRP (in source list) then the PR release date is not based on OA lead time.

Manual Purchase requisition linked to OA will also calculated the release date from Material master.

Batch Jobs will be scheduled based on the current Release date to convert the PR into PO

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