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IW32 after save at operation Level

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I am looking for an exit or a class where I can have work center and PM reference element.

I have tried the IWO10009 and I could not find the work center in at the operation level the reference element was okay(ADPSP)

I also tried in the ZCL_IM_PP_WOUPDATE class before Update IF_EX_WORKORDER_UPDATE~BEFORE_UPDATE and still nothing!

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As you asked 'after save', you should find this data in IF_EX_WORKORDER_UPDATE~IN_UPDATE method of the BAdI WORKORDER_UDPATE, providing before and after values. But beware, as its name suggests, it will be executed in update task, so some statements are forbidden. it depends on what you want to do, on your exact requirement, 'where I can have work center and PM reference element' is not an actual requirement.