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Issue in Ariba Integration with ERP for invoice processing

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Hi Experts,

I am working on Ariba to ERP integration via SAP PI for Invoice processing.

In my project, there is a specific requirement.

When Invoice approval starts within Ariba, my client wants to stop the process within ariba before invoice reconciliation, and send the invoice to a SAP tool ( FMS) which detects the fraud and finds duplicates, if any. If there are no duplicates and fraud a message would be sent to Ariba as successful and then Okay2Pay status is reached. If any error found by SAP FMS tool then message would be send to Ariba and invoice processing would be stopped.

Question is : Is there any mechanism of integration or web service via SAP PI, so that Invoice can be send from Ariba before invoice reconciliation to SAP FMS tool.

Please help.

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