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Invoices are getting failed in ERP for multiple Goods receipt.

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Dear Team,

We are trying to create invoice against Multiple GRN but it is getting failed in ERP system with the error "M8321 -Document contains same order item more than once".

we have enabled transaction rule:- "Require suppliers to include only received quantities on invoices" so that supplier can choose goods receipt before creating an invoice.

Thanks & regards,

Hemanshu Chopade

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Looks like the network is acting per the transaction rule enabled. Check out this article to review the criteria's for 1 invoice against multiple deliveries -

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Answers (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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In case of multiple receipts against the same line item,

Ariba Network will not recognise to validate received quantities in the GR item 2, and invoice will only show units from received in the first GR and not the second (which may make invoicing incorrect).

Afterwards, in standard integration in ERP, Ariba Network will also not send the second GR reference, and you will have a huge effort to develop a logic to avoid this problem.

Currently, we recommend to not use this functionality/business rule in case you often do multiple receiving against a single line and you want your suppliers to reference it.