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Importing blank/null values

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We're trying to import blank or null values when importing data into SAP Sourcing, but we're finding that the importer simply skips blank/null import fields.  Is there any way to actually import null/blank values?

We're exploring the option of using Import Life Cycle scripts to handle this, but haven't been able to get the script to work.  We're trying to use the Process Row event, and we're using the following functions in the script:

doc.setDisplayName("Test Display Name");

doc.setDocumentDescription("Test Description");

I know the code runs when we import some sample data (we have logging statements just before that are executed), but it doesn't appear to be having any effect on the data after the load.  Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.



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Hi Brandon,

It’s not clear to me why the processRow event in the import lifecycle event is not setting the description. Another option would be to write a Document Lifecycle Event, Validate script that checks  if the description field is blank. If it is blank then set it to a dummy value using the setDocumentDescription() method.