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How to update Purchasing Group in a fully approved SC?

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I am on a AMS support project for a client using SRM 7.0 with Extended Classic Scenario.

SRM Server release 701 / Support Pack 0010.


With SAP's assistance, during the design and build phase, application was customized to create commitment even for  Shopping Carts contrary to the usual scenario where commitments are only created for PO's.


A WBS Project in ECC cannot be closed because there is a SC commitment against it. And though the status of the SC is fully approved & has Sourcing relevant indicator ticked, it is not appearing in the Purchaser's work-list within the SoCo. Neither has any one got the ability to change / delete the SC which has only one line item.


  1. In Portal, the status of the SC suggest that it is in Purchaser's work-list. Purchasers however are unable to list the SC in SoCo.
  2. As is also evident from the below messages 019 & 404 from BBP_PD, I found an invalid Purchasing Group, which does not exist / has NOT been maintained in the Org. Structure at the SC line item.
  3. There are other errors in the SC as well but they can be ignored as we now intend to reject / delete the SC.

Business requirement:

Business requirement is to close the WBS in ECC for which the prerequisite is that there should not be any open commitment.

Usually the commitment is found to go away when purchaser rejects the SC form SoCo & upon the requester accepting the rejection decision.

My Query:

  1. What are the options to have the Purchasing Group of a fully approved SC updated to a valid Purchasing Group so that the purchaser can reject the SC?
  2. Is there a way to erase an open commitment against a project?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Have you tried the workload redistribution?

This option is available in strategic purchaser tab. You can select a cart and change the purchasing group.

There is report /SAPPSSRM/SC_COMMIT_REPOST. Maybe you can run it to clear the commitments.



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