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How to set Work Center percentage of duration in SAP?

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I want to know how can I set a percentage of duration in SAP.. let me explain
I have several Work centers, in each I have deferments activities, this ones are call Jobs and inside jobs a have the operations of each job.
In resume, I have several operations that I need to accomplish some of them to have my Job finish, when a get my X numbers of Jobs Im going to Have a Work Center finished... I want to see the percentage of duration of all the components, to se for example that a have 70% of the Work center finish and see that a have x% percentage of my jobs finished

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Hi Kevin,

This question was posted under SRM Confirmation tag, but I believe, that you are not using this (Supplier Relationship Management) product, right?

Describe the used product please, so I can change to the appropriate tag.

Thank you,