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How to resolve character length mismatch between Supplier Invoice number in ARIBA and S4

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Hello guys,

We are implementing DSN. Supplier Invoice number field allows for more than 16 character length value in ARIBA network. However, when it comes to S4. the idoc fails with "Long length" issue.

Now, the ISU tries to send back the Failed idoc status back to ARIBA. However, it fails since when the idoc tries to send back, it truncates the Supplier invoice number value to the first 16 characters and says the invoice number not found in AN.

For Eg: If Supplier creates invoice with Supplier Invoice number = 123456789012345678901234567890 [30 characters]. the S4 idoc takes only the first 16 characters = 1234567890123456 [16 Characters] and errors out saying invoice not found in AN.

How can we resolve this

1. Any way we can create validation in CIG so that the invoice fails in AN?

2. will the DSN customization scope help look into this difference and help setup validation in AN Invoicing

PS: Also please note, the same issue can happen in ASN and OC as well. however, since the document sensitivity is low, we can ask Supplier to edit the OC / ASN and resubmit without sending the failure note.

Request your support on this ASAP

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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You can configure length of the invoice ID field in administration -> document numbering preference.

let us know if this works for you