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How to optimize the toolbar script in E-Sourcing ? Session times out to process large data.

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We have a Business functionality where in the user is asked to run a toolbar script to get some data from the materials listed in the line items and set the same in the RFX table.

Each line item/material has minimum 7 row of data which needs to be copied to RFX table and when the number of line item increases the process time increases and ultimately the session outs.

Is there any way to reduce the amount of time to run the script or to process the data batch wise in background using scripts so that the system does not times out.

The logic behind the script works as follows :

1) Go to line item 1 get the material

2) Go to the material using home methods and go to the table.

3) Go to first row get the data (column wise).

4) Set the date to the table in RFX.

5) Repeat the same steps for rest of the rows in the material.

6) Then continue the steps till 5 for the next line item and so on.

The issues occurs when the number of line items exceeds 20 - 200.

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