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How to get reporting structure report

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I need to get reporting structure from org structure and I also have found this available standard report from SDN.

RHXSTR00 Organizational Structure

RHXSTR01 Organizational Structure with Positions

RHXSTR02 Organizational Structure with Persons

RHXSTR03 Organizational Structure with Work Centers

RHXSTR04 Report Structure with Persons

RHXSTR05 Report Structure Without Persons

RHXSTR06 Work Centers per Organizational Unit

RHXSTR07 Activity Profile for Positions Along Organizational Structure

RHXSTR08 Activity Profile of Positions with Persons Along Org.

But when I run RHXSTR04, it just show me one-person inline though I was expecting some kind of reporting structure. Is their any specific way to run the report? Or how do I get some kind of reporting structure for a department or person without using customized report?

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Answers (2)

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Try the FM "BBP_OM_STRUC_READ_DOWN_INT ".Pass the object ID for any of the Org unit in PPOMA_BP and you will get all the org units below/above it.



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Hi. If you go to PPOMA_BBP and find the org unit you want to start from on the left, then double click the org unit so it appears on the right, you can download it from here as a report.

Once you have the org unit on the right, double click on it and press the "expand nodes" button so all the structure opens up. It might take a while if you have a big org plan.

Then, once it is all open, press the print button which will take you to a print preview.

Then go in the menus to System > List > Save > Local file and you will get an exact copy of the org structure with org units, positions and persons.