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How to display application exception message on the parent document field?

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Hi Experts,

We have a validation on Contract Document phase change event - if the phase is advanced to "Supplier Draft" then there should be a supplier contact selected in the parent Master Agreement. I have added the following code in Contract Document -> Pre Phase change script and it shows the error message as expected. But when we navigate back to the parent MA, the error is no longer shown. How can I highlight the supplier contact field in the parent MA and display the error there as well?

This is the code snippet from Contract Document Pre-phase change script:

//Validate that supplier contact is selected before moving to supplier draft phase

supplierPhase = "Supplier Draft";

if (other_phase.equals(supplierPhase)) {

    if (!hasValue(agreementObj.getContactRef())) {

        ae = agreementObj.createApplicationException("BUYER_CONTACT", bundle, errorid_supplier_contact_missing);

        throw ae;




I tried setting the redirection override values as well:


I tried with all 4 constant values of page redirection, nothing seems to work.. the error message is lost as soon as we navigate back to the master agreement. I got the name "BUYER_CONTACT" from the RG UI field values for master agreement, so why is it not highlighting that field? What is the mistake here? please help



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The issue is resolved.. the UI field name was "CONTACT" not "BUYER_CONTACT" after changing this in code, the correct field in parent MA also got highlighted for the error!

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