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How to delete shopping after shopping cart number was created and approved

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We often have shopping carts that have an incorrect vendor listed, therefore we need to delete the shopping cart.

How do you delete it if the req or PO has NOT been created?

I have tried opening the shopping cart and highlighting the line then clicking edit and then clicking on the delete key.

I get the following error. (see attachment)

Would greatly appreciate any suggestions that an end user can use to delete these shopping carts.

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Answers (2)

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Ideally if PR is not generated the status of item in SC will be with "Error in Process".

Please follow the below and you may delete the SC or set the status to deleted if PR & PO are not generated as follow on documents.

After opening the SC and clicking on edit, select the line items in SC and click on delete button in item overview one by one.

Once all the items are deleted, click on save as draft button above the the Header tabs.

Once you click in Save as draft button after all items are deleted you will see the status of SC changed to deleted.



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Yes, these are the correct steps. After cart is ordered and approved, you should press the edit button available at cart header and then delete the items.
However, the dump that you are facing is not part of this process.

I could see in the call stack a method starting with _PST_33D...
Please, check if you have any post exit (custom code) available in method WDDOMODIFYVIEW of webdynpro component /SAPSRM/WDC_UI_SC_DOTC_BD - view V_SC_DOTC_BASIC.

It seems that this dump is occurring due to this post exit. Try to deactivate it temporarilly to see the result.