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How to create and use a vender List or some thing similar in SRM

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Hi There,

We have a situation for a given catalog item(s), multiple suppliers can be used to supply the item.

We have implemented CCM 2.0 in an SRM 4 classic environment with an ECC 5 backend system.

We want to a requistioner to be able to search a source of supply for a given text item from maybe a vendor list or something similar. The item can be produred via contracts

How can we enable this? Do we have to create a vendor list in SRM if so , how can one do this?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Sheena,

I had similar requirement from public sector customer. They had same 5 items for product A from 5 suppliers in CCM. Requisitioner can sort by price and preferred vendor. We had created the custom characteristics "Preferred Vendor" like A,B,C rank.

This was in-direct procurement scenario with no product master.

If customer has product master they can assign source of supply section in the item level of Shopping Cart.