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How to create an Invoice in Ariba from ECC custom program

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I have a requirement to create invoice in Ariba system from ECC using custom program which is an upload program or Inbound PI proxy .

User will have the invoice details in excel sheet, once it is uploaded to custom program or inbound proxy in ECC , it should create invoice in Ariba and we need to get the response as well.

Kindly provide some documentations if you have.

Immediate help will be much appreciated, its very urgent.

Thanks & Regards,


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Have you any Ariba Solution available on your system? Your requirement seems a little "uncommon", as one could wonder why there is no invoice available within SAP, but there is data from excel... Seems like SAP is used as a typewriter.

If it is no option to move the business process to SAP and to send invoice using standard features, you could write your custom-report and call functions from the Ariba solution (if there is one present in your systems).