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How to configure SAP to do not allow creation of Notification/Work orders for FLOCs and EQUI

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There is a list of Functional locations and equipment that are planned to be either demolished or decommissioned in the next couple of years. From a cost reduction perspective, I am looking for an option in SAP to allow users to choose whether or not a notification should be created.

I already found some articles suggesting creating new statuses in SAP, however, this option is not possible, due to restrictions to create new statuses in the System. To use DLFL and INAC also is not an option, because there will be exception cases, in it will be necessary to create a notification

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User Status is the simple way to control, it will not be viable option in case if you are using the User Status for some purpose.

Alternate is through enhancement, there are multiple options, but below is some thing like plug and play.

Option 1:

1. Create a Class and Characteristics with values Notification / Work Order required Yes or No.

2. Assign this class to the Functional Location and Equipment. Then set the characteristics value has No, if you don't want Notification / Order to be created.

3. Create a custom code in IW21/IW31 screens, check the characteristics value, if No, don't allow to go to next screen for creation.

Whenever you want to create Notification / Order, just remove the characteristics value.

Option 2

1. Identify the list of FL & EQ, which you dont notification and order to be created

2. Create a custom table and add the FL and EQ

3. Similar enhancement to check whether the record is available in the custom table, else proceed. 

Pl. Note: You need to think about condition, if the user maintain the FL / EQ in IW22 or IW32 transaction and various cases when going for enhancement




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Status maintenance is best option for you otherwise you need to use user exits or enhancements for this.