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How 45PO can be transmitted to EDI

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Hello, Dear SAP Users,

Can you please help me to solve an issue if you know how to do that.

We faced an issue, that 45POs transmit automatically via EDI. As 45POs are not supposed to release via ME84, do you know how can it be?

I also found out that not all the POs are going into EDI, only some of them.

Thank you in advance if you can help!

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Hello Gleb,

Thank you for visiting SAP Community to get answers to your questions. Since you're asking a question here for the first time, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with, as it provides tips for preparing questions that draw responses from our members.

Feel free to take our Q&A tutorial at as well, as that will also help you when preparing questions for the community.

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Kind regards,

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Hi luxdopeness, I think this topic is not related to the BTP solution SAP Order Management Foundation. May I ask you to remove this tag from this question?

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