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Help on SUS

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hi friends

what is the advantage of using supplier data from ROS(SUS) to CCM over SUS to EBP.

which is preferred

In which scenario we use ROS(SUS) to ccm




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if you have ROS, EBP & SUS all 3 in yr landscape

then first prospect business partners (BP) are created on ROS

after acceptance these can be transferred to EBP as external BP

which can be further transferred to SUS for diff applns like POR, ASN, INVOICE etc.

in standard all BP nos for a single vendor will diff but the link in stored in table VENMAP in each client.

if EBP & CCM are in single client then

the BPs are directly available for creation of catalog



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ROS helps the purchaser to send a questionaire to a new vendor who want to register to the company ( client) which he fills up and sends back the data. This can have approvers from the companys managers for getting more details from the new vendor to register.

If this process gets completed then this particular vendors general data can be transfered into EBP.

The external supplier directory(like external catalogs in CCM) as mentioned in this thread which is used in sourcing from where we can transfer some vendor after approval into EBP.

SUS-EBP will have already registered vendors( from MM or EBP) or regular vendors with whom we perform regular transactions like PO, POR, ASN and all

Best regards,


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Hi Vinay,

When you need to implement EBP-SUS scenario, its recommended to keep different clients for SUS and EBP. ROS (Supplier registration) can be configured in SUS client.

The ROS process goes like this

1. New suppliers register themselves on teh ROS portal.

2. These registered suppliers are accepted or rejected by the supplier admin or purchaser

3. All accepted suppliers are then saved in the supplier directory / catalog. This catalog can be configured

to be used in EBP client for sourcing and other purposes.

4. You can process these accepted suppliers in manage business partner (BBPMAININT), and transfer to


I hope this clarifies your doubts.



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You can go through the following links

For more details, please go through these links ->