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Good Receipt Notification in SNAP CA

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Dear Experts- this is related to GR notification to supplier in SNAP CA solution. We are able to share the 101 movement type GR notification to supplier. However, some material (RM/PM category) post 101 are posted to quality check and post quality release, in case there is a damage or shortage, additional material document with movement type (321 quality to unrestricted) is posted in S4 HANA. We are able to successfully generate the output (WE03) in S4 and it is successfully transmitted from S4 to CIG. However, on CIG the document has failed 'routeToqueue', refer below screenshot. Few doubts/queries:

1. Hope the GR notification for 122/161/321 is supported on CA SNAP or CA as this is not quality notification as we are not sharing any quality specific characteristics?

2. Do we need to enable any specific parameter for such scenario, the S4 HANA configuration for transport is already updated with both movement type and stock category type also?

Transaction flow:

Maintained required movement type in configuration

Posted Movement type (321) and Output is successfully generated

CIG Transaction tracker

Any clues/suggestion?


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Answers (2)

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Thanks Prem for the response. Even the movement type: 321 is associated with the purchase order as we are trying to settle the goods received against a PO.

Movement type: 161 is posting correctly and we are able to receive it on AN. Moreover, I don't think 321 movement type needs SCC as here we are not sending any quality inspection characteristics we are just send the 321 movement type material document details with supplier.

Best Regards,

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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1) When it comes to how Ariba Network works is not about types of goods movement but about received or return and the quantity is +ve or -ve.

For Commerce Automation / DSN / SNAP CA, a GR can only link to a PO for type = return and not a return shipment. this is the only difference between CA and SCC.

to get more understanding of what I mean take a look here:

Technically Ariba will accept 122 and 161

but for 161 it cannot link to document other than a PO (return PO). To link this movement type with an outbound delivery (return shipment), CA is not suffice as Ariba will expect SCC relationship which requires SCC license

In other words:

the process for full return collaboration is Return PO > Return Shipment > GR 161 - this is the standard return collaboration. But to cut down to a simplified process to work with Commerce Automation, then one can do this:

Return PO (CA is OK) > GR 161. Which means skipping return shipment. Return shipment can be handled only within SCC.

Your PO needs to have a flag:

AS for 321 - I have no information nor documentation on that - so you need to follow principle from above when trying to figure out if it works or not cause it is not supported/documented anywhere.


I checked the documentation of the return order feature and it seems to be available for all customers. No need to turn ON anything.