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Extract contract document from CLM system

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Hi Experts,

Could you please comment, if you have already implemented this functionality

I am looking for any standard methods( IFC classes and Methods) are available in CLM to extract a contract document(physical word or PDF document). So that I can send it to any external system through a interface. If there is no standard methods, what are the tables , where the contract information is stored, so that i can make a query to get a contract document from the database.



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Hi ,

you can fethch the details of the contracts and create a xml file which can be used for any external system.You need to write scripts for that .All the methods to get various fields in the contract are available in the RG guide . Just go to any contract and click on RG . You will come to know the available methods

Let me know if more discussion needed on this.


Piyush Srivastava