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Ext. Req. is in awating approval status though no workflow is triggered and no approvers assigned

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Hello all,

We have developed the PCW for external requirement, and when an external requirement is created and is transferred to SRM, we are facing the below issue.


SC is in awaiting approval status but there are no approvers assigned to this SC.


1. No workflow triggered for the SC - checked in SWI1 and BBP_PD transactions.

2. When I try to open approval overview tab, then it is throwing warning

    "External Requisitions do require approval process"

3. I have kept the breakpoints in all the implicit enhancements those are used for enabling workflow for external requirements, but control stopped at only two implicit enhancements, and it hasn't stopped at other two implicit enhancement implementations. Ref:- 

I would like to know if there are any SPRO settings those are to be enabled/disabled for external requirements.

Please guide me on this...

Thank you,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I think the issue is with default approval workflow activated for RFx. Since you are saying that it is for the purpose of PCW, you can activate the auto approval process controlled workflow.

Your current work flow is not finding any approver due no proper org.structure with approvers setup.

Follow the IMG path and steps to activate auto approval process

SPRO > IMG > SRM > SRM server > Cross application basic settings > Business Workflow > Process controlled workflow > Business process cofig >

Here choose Activate sample BC sets

and choose BC set  from F4 list /SAPSRM/C_RQ_600_000_SP04 then activate (F7).

Go back to above IMG path, and choose 'Define Process Levels'

Choose Business object BUS2200 from right side objects list

then choose Process schma evaluation from left hand menu

Where you can see the evaluation ID as '3EV_RQ_600_000'

also check the other things highlighted in below snapshot.

Create a new RFx and it should be auto approved, please let me know if you RFx still struck in approval process



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Hi Govardhan,

Thank you for the detailed explanation.

I forgot to mention one more point in the above observations list, here same schema is used for both process types SHC and EXTR. In case of process type SHC it is working perfectly.

I have used expression with associated methods for schema determination. Here in case of process type EXTR schema determination method itself not triggering. But in other case it is.

In addition to this, we are using custom tables to determine approvers, and here we have sufficient test data which matches with our requirement.

Thank you,


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