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Error import Excel to change properties of Business Partner

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Good morning, how are you?

I am trying to massively update some IC codes, using SAP Business One V9.2.

I want to update the property/characteristic of customer ICs number 6.

I have a tab delimited txt with two columns, the IC column and another with the Y, to change the property to marked Yes.

C00002 Y

C00005 Y

C00006 Y

C00007 Y

From the DTW, I cannot do it because it cannot be done or I have not known how to see how to update property 6, I have not seen the option to update properties massively.

And with Excel, I always get this error:

Invalid business partner bank record - Number of rows 1

I don't know what the bank registry has to do with property 6... I have searched through more forums and I see that people say that we have to have local bank accounts activated, but I think I have looked at that and they are informed, you know that it could be or How can I update these characteristics of the IC's either with a query or with the DTW...

Thank you so much!

All the best

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