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ERROR:Filter RESP_RESOLVER_NAME: Definition of filter value is incomplete

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Dear Experts,

I am facing issue when adding filter values in BADI:/SAPSRM/BD_WF_RESP_RESOLVER implementation(ZBD_PO_WF_MANAGER).

Error:Filter RESP_RESOLVER_NAME: Definition of filter value is incomplete

Below are the steps i am performing to add filter values.

1) Defined filter values in Customizing for SAP SRM under SRM Server -> Cross-Application Basic Settings -> Business Workflow -> Process-Controlled Workflow -> Business Process Configuration -> Define Filter Values for BAdI 'Define Agents'.

2) These filter names maintained in the process schema customizing in transaction /n/SAPSRM/WF_PROCESS for process levels:

3) Created implementation:ZBD_PO_WF_MANAGER for the BADI:/SAPSRM/BD_WF_RESP_RESOLVER

4) Using Filter Val.option added the filter values as below.



When I tried to check (Ctrl +F2) this system throwing error:

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I have checked your problem and would like to request you to check if the Note:

1848811 - BAdI-Impl.: Wrong Error 'Missing Filter Value Definition'

is valid for your SP level.

If the note is already in your system, I would recommend to debug the following class and method to see if there is any inconsistency in the filter values:


Best Regards


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Hello Zoltán,

Thank you for your answer.

Sorry for the late reply.I was on leave.

Just today I saw your comments and checked the SAP Note .It is in cannot be implemented status.SAP note is not applicable for our system .(SAP BASIS Release 702 SP- level is 0017).

Then Kept a break point in the class CL_ENH_TOOL_HOOK_IMPL *& IF_ENH_OBJECT~SAVE to check inconsistency in the filter values but this class not at all get triggered.

Could you please suggest is there any things else I can check.

Best Regards,