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enable Invoice Rejection addition comment in ARIBA CIG

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There is one requirement where during rejection of any invoice we need to put additional comments to notify the requester the actual reason of rejection.

Upon rejection, I get to know below service is being execute to update the status of Invoice from SAP to ARIBA portal.

service name: StatusUpdateRequest

There is one field which is comment, which is being updated automatically but we need that our rejection remark will go there.

In SAP screen there is one section/tab of notes which we fill with the remark but that is not coming in the request.

below is the payload which we are receiving.

<Request deploymentMode="test">
<Status xml:lang="en" code="423" text="OK"/>
<InvoiceStatus paymentNetDueDate="2023-02-16T12:00:00+05:30" type="rejected">
<InvoiceIDInfo invoiceID="122" invoiceDate="2023-02-24T13:00:59+05:30"/>
<Comments xml:lang="EN">Document Manually Rejected/Deleted</Comments>
<Extrinsic name="Ariba.ERPInvoiceNumber">5105640764</Extrinsic>

Let me know, where I need to configure to populate the manual comment in this.


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