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Enable Ariba PR Edit Approval only for Total PR Cost Changes

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Hi All,

I am looking for guidance to update the configuration for Ariba PR approval flow. Currently we have configured and applied different rules for approval in terms of resubmit however, there is requirement where business wants to retrigger the approval only when PR edit and total value changes in terms of increase only. Current config, when PR line item quantity and price changes, then PR trigger for Approval. I have tried different conditions and rules, but could not succeed the result. So appreciate if someone guide me and confirm that is it possible to retrigger the PR approval only when there is increase in total cost of PR, instead of increase in line item Qty and price. (Example : Line item 1 : Qty - 10 and Unit Price - 100 and Line Item 2 : Qty -15 and Unit Price - 100. PR Edit - Line Item 1 - Qty - 15 and Unit Price - 100 and Line Item 2 : Qty - 10 and Unit Price - 100. For this scenario currently PR trigger for approval due to one of line item qty and unit price increase, so we don't want this retrigger approval.)

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