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ECC-HR has multiple busniess units but in SRM only few replicated

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Hello experts,

am having few questions on HR replciation from ECC to SRM.

We replicated org structure from ECC- HR in SRM system now scenario is :

In ECC-HR Org has multiple business units but we implemented SRM only for specific business units,when we ran change pointers, IDOCs are created for all changes of all business units and these IDOCs are failing in SRM.

Now please guide me if i run RHALEINI only in Update mode and entered specific org units. In selection screen.Will it work.....i read somewhere,it may replace the values of the attributes or something can be broken out in org structure,If i run RHALEINI in update mode than what are the testings i need to perform before doing this actually in production system ?

When i run RHALEINI in update mode,actually replciate those changes in SRM system do i need to run RBDMIDOC or any other report ?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Smriti,

Try this.

Identify the HR PERNRs for the changes to be replicatied from HR to SRM (assuming you do transfer object "P")

T-code "PFAL" or SE38 "RHALEINI" Plan version=01, object type "P" and the object values as the PERNRs you want to replicate.

Evaluation Path P-s-O (SAP should have provided this standard for the object "P")

Press enter

Check the message type default and enter the logical system of SRM.

Execute this in the update mode.

If there are any new org units, please check and manually maintain attributes on SRM. If there are any old org units, attributes are not wiped out as long as the old org units are connected to the same root company.

Hope this helps.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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If you run RHALEINI (or transaction PFAL - the same thing) in update mode, no changes are made to attributes. If the org units exist they will be updated.

Check is simple: do the attributes still exist for the replicated org unit? (also check the idoc status in BD87).

You don't need to run RBDMIDOC in addition to RHALEINI (unless you want change pointers being sent again to SRM).

Instead of using change pointers you could create a job that references RHALEINI in update mode with only the org units you need.



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Thanks for the answer..

it really helps..