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Duplicate check on Invoice Number does not work - DSN

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Hi team,

My customer sends CC invoice from SAP to DSN.

I have turned off both parameters " Allow suppliers to reuse invoice numbers" and "Allow suppliers to reuse invoice numbers from past calendar years" but DSN does not apply any control or duplicate check about the invoice. (It has also been turned off in Country based rule)

See below some examples :

Is it the normal behavior or is there any other parameter to enable ?

Thank you



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Answers (1)

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Hi Lysa,

There can be multiple reason for it. Check below :

Multiple invoices incorrectly allowed to post with the same numberIssue

The transaction rule Allow suppliers to reuse invoice numbers is disabled, but the supplier posted multiple invoices with the same invoice number.


With your permission, SAP Ariba Support must reject all duplicate versions of the invoice so that only one active version remains.


The supplier sent the invoices from an external system to the Business Network at the same time. When the invoices were validated in the Business Network, no existing invoice with the same number was found because they were being validated simultaneously.

Also check this document :

Multiple one-time vendor invoices for the same supplier - SAP Help Portal