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DSN - OC flow in error

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Hello Experts

we configured OC flow in CIG and S4 as well (enabling the flow + activate paramenter OC_ENABLED + activation of includes EXIT_SAPLEINM_008 and EXIT_SAPLEINM_007 in user exit).

When we execute as supplier the OC, the AN supplier is taking it in account correctly, but it goes in error in CIG:

"Response was of unexpected text/html ContentType. Incoming portion of HTML stream: (none) "

Checking in Activity tab, there are several payloads for Outbound and 1 for Pre-Processing. All of the OUTBOUND payload are unreadable in Document Validator: "the document provided in not supported in CIG".

But checking the PREPROCESS payload and inserting in Document Validator, we see that there are 2 errors (even if in transaction tracker was COMPLETED):

1) Error with source content: Schema not available for document cXML: Confirmation Request - 1.2.046"

2) error with Target schema validation (for which we have the Detail button): we got 1 error in segment <IDOCTYP>ARBCIG_ORDRSP</IDOCTYP>.

clicking on error, it says: Error says: cvc-complex- Invalid content was found starting with element 'IDOCTYP'. One of '{TABNAM}' is expected., Line : 4, Column : 16

any clue regarding the root cause of the issue?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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For the error:

"Response was of unexpected text/html ContentType. Incoming portion of HTML stream: (none) "

Two things can be checked:

1) See if srtidoc is configured correctly or if it is enabled. This is one-time activity:

More info here:

Once enabled correctly, bounce the webservice to refresh the srtidoc channel.

2) Another potential solution: